The shipping price has increased, and some westbound airlines have been canceled.

2018-08-07 admin 10

According to some shipping companies in Asia and Europe, some container ships already have large bookings before the Chinese New Year.


It is reported that shipping companies are already beginning to notify their European customers that they will substantially raise interest rates in the next few weeks.

China's Spring Festival will arrive in February 16th, and the shipping company has prepared ahead of schedule. Members of 2M, Maersk and MSC, have previously announced that at least nine westbound routes will be cancelled during the Chinese New Year.

Maersk offered alternative routes, but Maersk said that if there were no suitable alternatives, the cargo would have to wait for the next voyage.

At the same time, the chain reaction may lead to problems in the Nordic exporters' supply chain. Because at the end of March and early April, at least 6 East China Airlines' return routes will be cancelled.

It is hoped that the freight forwarder of this route will pay close attention to the voyage information.

Transportation across the Pacific is reported to be tight, and operators are announcing significant increases in overall rates GRIs and peak season surcharges (PSSs) to boost revenue.