Yinchuan Hedong International Airport opens its first cargo regular route

2018-08-07 admin 7

Economic Daily - China economic network, Yinchuan October 11th (reporter Tuo Zhaobing) October 10th, with a smooth landing of a cargo plane from Xinjiang Turpan, the first shipping line of Yinchuan Hedong International Airport is officially opened, and the development of Ningxia air freight has entered a new stage.


Ningxia is an important node province of the Silk Road Economic Zone, an important bridge to open to the West and an important passageway for freight transportation from east to west. In recent years, Ningxia has made great efforts to build the Silk Road in the air and develop the economy of corridors. The air cargo business has developed rapidly, and the cargo support capacity of Yinchuan Airport has been significantly improved. The Yinchuan airport aviation cargo station covers an area of 220 thousand square meters, the area of the reservoir area is 12 thousand square meters, the hardware facilities are complete and the scale is relatively perfect, which can meet the security demand of 100 thousand tons of postal throughput. Yinchuan airport agent 20 Airlines freight sales, the existing 10 freight direct flight international routes, can be shipped to Dubai, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and other countries in international goods.

It is understood that the opening of the Turpan - Yinchuan - Xi'an freight route by the Yuantong airlines fly, the model is B737-300, 6 classes a week, flight capacity of 14 tons, later Boeing B757 full cargo operation will be increased to 7 classes per week. The opening of the first shipping line has effectively reduced the departure time of Yinchuan airport cargo and promoted the transfer efficiency of the Yinchuan air logistics, especially the bulk cargo can be quickly transferred from Xi'an to East China and Southern China, and the rapid and rapid transit of cargo to Yinchuan and the surrounding radiation area. At the same time, the route in series Xi'an, Turpan and Yinchuan, the "Silk Road" on the three important nodes of the city's aviation logistics effectively Unicom, will effectively improve the Yinchuan area to rely on airliner cargo transport, greatly improve the level of the Ningxia air cargo logistics.

The next step, Ningxia Airport Airport Inc will continue to dig into the transport routes resources, focus on improving the capacity of domestic and international routes, and strive to improve the capacity of freight transport in Ningxia, and promote the rapid development of Ningxia air logistics.