Customs transport requirements for transit goods

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Transit goods refer to goods that are shipped from abroad and continue to be transported abroad through the mainland of China, regardless of whether they are transported by means of transport or not. The transit goods shall be handled by the operator of the goods in China within the territory of China. China Customs has the following requirements for transit transport of transit goods.

1. for the transit goods of the countries that have signed the transit goods agreement with our country, or to the countries that have signed and consignment of the railway consignment agreements with our country, the transit shall be granted in accordance with the relevant agreements; for the transit goods that have not been signed with our country with the above-mentioned agreement, they shall be approved by the national transportation department and shall be submitted to the Customs at the Customs for the record. Pass through the border.

2. transit goods shall be subject to customs clearance from entry to exit and shall be subject to customs supervision. Without the permission of the Customs, no unit or individual may open, withdraw, deliver, ship, exchange, modify, mortgage, transfer, or change the mark.

3. the means of loading and the equipment for the loading of transit goods shall have the conditions and installations approved by the customs. The customs may, when deemed necessary, seal up the transit goods and their transport vehicles or transport equipment. The carrier and the operator shall be responsible for protecting the integrity of the customs seal, and no one shall open or damage it without authorization.

4. the customs may inspect the transit goods when deemed necessary. When inspecting goods passing through the customs, the operator or carrier should be present. In accordance with the customs requirements, responsible for moving goods, opening or re sealing the packaging of goods, and sign the customs inspection records.

5. If the goods in transit have not been declared to the Customs for more than three months from the date of entry, the Customs shall deal with them in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 21 of the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China.

6. after passing the customs declaration to the customs, the transit goods shall be transported out of the territory within 6 months from the date of entry. Under special circumstances, it may be postponed through customs approval, but the extension period shall not exceed 3 months.

If the transit goods cannot be outbound within the prescribed time, the customs shall deal with the provisions of the rules for the implementation of the administrative penalty for the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China, eleventh (seven).

7. when the goods are transported to the border after their entry into the border area, they should be approved by the customs and deposited in the warehouse or place designated by the customs under the customs supervision.

The operator or the carrier should immediately report to the customs or the customs in the vicinity of the location of the 8. border goods for the reason of force majeure, when they are forced to transfer the means of transport in transit, to unload the goods or to have other unexpected circumstances, and to accept the customs supervision.

9. In the event of loss or shortage of transit goods within the territory (except for the cause of force majeure), the operator shall be responsible for completing the import tax formalities with the Customs at the exit place.

10. the Chinese government has expressly prohibited the transit of goods from crossing the border.