Main business - international import and export clearance

The company has a huge network of services to provide import and export traders with two-way door-to-door transport services between Mainland China and the major countries of the world, including overseas purchase, foreign door-to-door delivery, airlift, express delivery, Hongkong City, airport and dock, Hongkong warehouse collection of goods, and incense. Hong Kong-Mainland Express Import Customs Declaration, Bulk Cargo and Container Cargo Import Customs Clearance, Domestic Air, Cargo Logistics and Distribution and other full range of agency services.

Import service project

To provide a number of cross-border trade services projects on the basis of strong customs clearance capabilities.

  • 机械进口报关

  • Import declaration of machinery

  • Jifeng one stop Machinery Import solution, to provide door-to-door import service / efficient and safe!

  • 化工进口报关

  • Import declaration of chemical industry

  • Jiaxing chemical import star declaration enterprises, the leading edge of the first line outlets help you quickly declare cargo clearance.

  • 木材进口报关

  • Timber import declaration

  • Jia Feng has many years of experience in timber import / price appraisal, wood / fumigation / inspection / quick clearance, efficiency guarantee.

  • 杂货进口报关

  • Import customs declaration

  • Jia Feng has many years of experience in importing groceries, so that you can solve the import problem of goods quickly.

  • 食品进口报关

  • Food import declaration

  • Jia Feng provides exclusive import solutions for all kinds of food and goods characteristics and provides standardized import services.

  • 定制您的进口方案

  • Customizing your import scheme

  • Jifeng expert team has more than ten years of experience for you to use, and customize the import plan of your goods.

  • Focus on importing for eleven years, escorting your imports.

  • 1. three airports and ports in Hongkong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are equipped with many senior customs declarors to let your goods flow smoothly.

  • 2.11 years of importing goods from all walks of life, enrich customs clearance experience, let you mention the goods you need most with the least time cost and import cost

  • 3. relying on our Hongkong company's many years of operation advantage, the express packet tax import saves you money, save trouble and save worry.

  • 4. overseas for many years, air shipping for many years to customize your import experience, all over the world's more than 120 major countries, more than 600 core senior overseas international freight forwarding partners, door to door one-stop supply chain service, you do not have to worry about the global procurement of logistics supply problems.