Main business - International Maritime and air transport

Our company is closely related to all shipping companies and airlines, and has signed a long-term cooperation agreement. It is possible to provide adequate accommodation at any time, and can be deployed at the customer's request to deliver the goods to the designated place with the lowest cost of transportation. It can operate various types of trade terms (such as DDU, DDP, CER, CIF, FOB, EXW, FCA, FAS, etc.).

Large airlift - service advantage

Large airlift is the special airlift service of the international logistics company of jiaxon for more than 3000KG of single piece weight and over 10 tons of super 10CBM goods and single ticket for foreign trade enterprises.

Jiaxon international logistics main package board Airlines EK, EY, CZ, CA, RU, CV, RU, LH, PO, CK, QR, are basically large cargo aircraft B747/B777, the cargo is generally about 100 tons.

With 20 years of rich air transport experience, and a number of air transport companies good cooperation and good relations with the three airports, adequate warehouse. Air cargo has become a special business card of Jiaxing international logistics company.


Why do you choose large airlift?

Optimize transportation plan reasonably, reduce logistics cost for you.

According to the quantity and nature of your goods, provide you with reasonable packaging suggestions and transportation plan, to avoid risks, save costs, and improve the speed of transportation


Transport experience, reduce unnecessary worries for you.

Conqeust Logistics has more than ten years of transportation experience, can effectively deal with all kinds of problems in transit, safe, fast, secure and reliable.